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Food Network

Food Network fans take their shows about as seriously as sports fans take their games.

After all, little else gets my blood pressure up like watching 2 Chopped contestants racing towards the only ice cream machine in the kitchen with 7 minutes left on the clock!

En homage to this fanaticism, we created a March Madness meets Super Bowl bracket-style competition show.

Enter: Chef Ultimate, The World's Greatest Food Fight

Thank you, Shelby Bass!


Print and OOH to introduce the show and the contestants


Fans who fill out the bracket are entered into a raffle to have "Dinner with the Winner" when all is said and done.

Baseball cards

...of our contestants that'll be used for social and adapted as tags on the merch.

Sports Bar

A Food Network and Chef Ultimate themed pop-up "sports bar" for fans to watch the competition among other fanatics.


For sale on the Chef Ultimate site so fans can rep their favorite contestants.

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