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Pictured here is a photo of me taken by my sister at a Jamaican restaurant in Brooklyn called Iman. It was the last place I went before we stopped being able to go places. It makes me both happy and very sad.

My latest obsession is Michaela Coel. E. Alex Jung wrote an excellent profile about her for Vulture, and I think you should read it. And then you should watch her latest project, I May Destroy You, which made me cry cathartic, heavy tears. But in a way that I loved.

Right now I'm reading Stay With Me by Ayobami Adebayo, and let me tell you. It is JUICY. You should check that out, too.

I am a person with a lot of opinions about a lot of things. If you'd like to hear what I think about books, Batman, or sauces that are white, shoot me an email at so we can be friends in real life!

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